Case Studies

We work with more than 2,000 companies. Here's what a select few had to say about us.

BBSI helps a Northwest-based company adjust in a shifting economy and keep the family dream moving forward.

Vern Tufford dreamed the American dream. Start a family-owned business, make it a success, pass it on to his family. And it all came true; his small, three-truck moving service evolved into a respected company serving the Northwest U.S. and well beyond. Today, Vern’s children run East Side Moving and Storage/ West Side Moving and Storage. Their goal remains the same as their father’s: provide quality service to each and every customer, while insuring the safety and well-being of employees. When meeting those simple goals became a challenge, they called BBSI.

Same goal, and a partner that shared it

Vern’s daughters, Karen Ashcraft and Jody Kilgore, had specific criteria in mind when they began looking for help getting the company back on track. They wanted a PEO, but not any PEO. "We wanted a ‘class act’", Karen said, one that could help them manage the cost of doing business in a down economy, stay on top of changing rules and regulations, and supply workman’s comp insurance.

In 2008, they chose BBSI because they offered more than just solutions. "They partner with us … We work very closely with their safety team and they do a great job of helping us to keep our crew and operation at a high safety level." And, BBSI is there when Karen and Jody need them during the day-to-day. "If we ever have employee issues it’s great to brainstorm with their professionals to come up with a good plan."

Today, a stronger, safer, more efficient company

The partnership between BBSI and East Side Moving and Storage, West Side Moving and Storage continues to be profitable and personal. But most importantly, it also helps them meet the high quality standards set by their father. "It is a pleasure to have someone working with us to make things better on the job and here at the warehouse. I also like the safety incentive they give us when we do well!"

"The value of BBSI is what they take off our plate. We feel like our HR needs are in good hands with the team at BBSI." - Karen Ashcraft, Owner East Side Moving and Storage, West Side Moving and Storage