Case Studies

We work with more than 2,000 companies. Here's what a select few had to say about us.

BBSI teams up with Merry-Maids to clean up their finances

BBSI helps a franchisee find his way in a competitive market

When Steve Mumm became a franchisee in the Merry Maids chain, he had a strong work ethic but lacked real-life business experience. He just knew he was a "people person" and "[Merry Maids ] is a very people-oriented company." But he quickly realized: with people come problems. In no time, being in a people-oriented business felt like a burden. As issues with workers' compensation insurance and personnel conflicts popped up, Steve realized he had a sharp learning curve ahead of him. The challenge was to stay competitive while he figured it out. And that’s why he sought help from BBSI.

An experienced partner becomes a strategic advantage

Right away, Steve needed a solid workers' compensation program with the risk and safety component. BBSI stood out. They didn’t just want to help Steve get everything done. They wanted to help him get it done right. "It was a great fit" said Steve, one that opened all kinds of doors and taught Steve what he needed to succeed as a business. Now he uses BBSI and provides legal resources, training, benefits and good HR to his employees. But he values BBSI the most for the guidance they gave him while he navigated issues of safety. "They’ve given me perspective on how important it really is", both to the employees and to the profitability of a business

Shared goals help shape the future of the business

Steve has learned a lot from BBSI, and now he thinks of them as a partner. "They’re like-minded, business-minded. Everyone has a head for business." Together, Steve and BBSI keep a careful eye on his responsibilities, and keep his employees enthusiastic and motivated. BBSI gets his business—and he’s glad he’s got BBSI.

"BBSI truly cares about our success—our success is their success." – Steve Mumm, Merry Maid