What makes a company successful?

We've learned from our own experience, both as an up-and-comer and as a vested partner in the companies we sign on to help. We're ready to celebrate every accomplishment and navigate every obstacle along with you, too.

Time for some self-analysis

What kind of company are you? This graph can help you figure it out. Read both the "Success" and "Pitfalls" sections — don't be surprised if you see a little bit of your company in both.

Momentum: 5-20 Employees Metamorphosis: 25-65 Employees Stability: 65-100 Employees Focus: 100+ Employees


Decision-making horizon: 6-12 months Your passion and razor-sharp focus keeps business moving. But you need to be smarter, better, faster. The business relies on you.
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You've transformed from doer to manager.
Business outlook/decision horizon: 18 months-3 years
But you wonder if you can replicate yourself.
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Business outlook/decision horizon: 3-5 years
Solid infrastructure, product stability, financial discipline. What could go wrong now?
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Business Outlook/Decision Horizon: 5+ years
You are building a brand legacy. Where do you go from here?
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