We ask the tough questions so we can figure out the best way to help you. Read on to see the answers we've heard over the years —and find out which ones speak loudest to you.

  1. What keeps you up at night?

    • Figuring out how to best use my time.

      This is the crucial point where you have to admit you can't do it all. And it's ok. So take a step back, and let's talk about a system that helps you leverage your resources more effectively, so you can focus on your strengths.

    • Concerned that my business isn't structured correctly to support my product.

      It's a defining moment in any company—the realization that innovation and vision aren't enough to progress anymore. It's time to strengthen the foundation of your business, and add a support system that will keep it strong.

    • Public perception. I really worry about how potential customers will view our product(s).

      Seems crazy, doesn't it? After all, the product is your baby. You're the brains behind it. But a lack of faith like this is a common symptom of a disorganized management structure. So, let's re-focus on strong leadership and the right hires to support your business.

    • Personnel doubts. I'm not sure I have the right people on board. And I don't know how to get the right people.

      Maybe it's because you're overworked, but you're feeling out of touch with the talent in your industry—and your own company. Are the right people there, just in the wrong position? Have you made your company the kind that attracts "the right people"? It's time to look around, and see what arrangement best supports your vision.

  2. Why do you hire new employees?

    • To match the growth of my company.

      Remember, you're growing a culture, too. And that is what's going to help define the continued success of your company. So let's redefine the way you look at employees. They're not just there to help your company. They ARE your company. Are they all the right fit?

    • To handle day-to-day tasks.

      We can relate. This is the kind of help you need, to ensure you don't stretch yourself too thin. But even the most mundane task can invite innovation—or at least a pretty good idea—if the right people are in place. Hire the best people you can find, even for what you consider "just the day-to-day". And remember, you're building a culture, too! .

    • To do things I don't want to do.

      As a business, we get your point. Yes, it's important to stop doing everything yourself. But it's also important to make a hire that maintains continuity and contributes to the company culture in a positive way. Don't be too eager to just unload responsibilities to anybody. Keep your vision, culture and future top-of-mind, so you'll choose people who are the right fit.

    • To employ a skill set I don't have.

      Every employee plays a part in the future success of your company. It's not just about filling in for you with a skill you lack. It's about staying ahead of the curve and knowing where that skill can lead your company. In short: it's about vision.

  3. Which drastic change do you fear most for your business?

    • Losing my biggest client.

      You need systems in place to prevent this—systems that support innovations, offer rewards and attract top talent. So ask yourself: are you doing just enough to get by, or do you operate with the foresight to anticipate the things that will keep clients around for a long time?

    • Having my biggest client double their business.

      Sometimes, it's enough to recognize an event like this as a crucial stage for your business. Your next move is indeed an important one. Now's when you might need a scalable management system in place to control your company.

    • Changing my organizational structure fast enough to keep up with success.

      If you have a scalable management system in place, your business can adapt. And just because we say things like "system", we're not forgetting about your employees. Because the right human capital can fuel your business at any pace you need it to go.

    • My own response to success. Will I help or hurt my business?

      We can't say it enough: get out of your way. Letting go can be the hardest part of owning a business. But if you don't, you could jeopardize your future success. Don't get comfortable in your success. Get the help you need to continue being a success!

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